Capital City REIA





Contract for Contractor Services
"C.Y.A." -  Cover Your A$$et & Protect Your Project 

Killer Contractor Interview Questions
Not Your Normal Ordinary Everyday Interview Questions

Itemized, Advanced Draw Schedule
Insanely Detailed Project Schedule of Benchmarks & Milestones Completed Allowing Your Contractor to Get Paid

Independent Contractor Agreement
Anyone You Do Business With Needs to Sign This

Scope of Work: Rehab Project Material List

Liability Hold Harmless Agreement
Another "CYA" Agreement That Must Be Signed By Contractors, Vendors & Tradesmen

Simple Draw Schedule
Simple BUT Effective Draw Schedule 

Rehab Team Contact "Roladex"
Keep Your Rehab Team Contact Information in One Place

Invoice Template
Detailed Labor Invoice 

W-9 (IRS Required Form)
A Required IRS Form For Anyone You Hire & Pay Via 1099

Waiver - Lien Release
No Contractor Gets Paid Until This is Signed and Notarized

Rehab Analyzer Checklist
Use This During Inspection & Take Good Photos! 

Construction Permit Application Process
Individual Steps of Permitting Process

Rehab Cost Itemization Checklist

Construction Scope of Work Sample