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Real Estate NOTES - Double Digit ROI - How to BUY & FLIP...

"Capital City REiA is no doubt the BEST MeetUp in the DMV that I've Ever Attended!"...
WOW! Thank You Cheryl! ๐Ÿ’™

So we all know that NOTES in real estate is the best way to invest in real estate for safe, consistent, predictable double digit ROI, right? Well... ok so if you didn't know this is exactly why you want to join us Wednesday September 26th at 6:00 pm. Why?

THE MARKET HAS ALREADY BEGUN IT'S SHIFT exactly as we have been warning it is going to do and you need to be in the know as an investor of what STRATEGIES will historically out perform any market shift!

FACT: Distressed paper can be MORE profitable than distressed properties.

What makes NOTES the "hottest" real estate investment play today is:
1) The number of toxic notes available
2) Supply and demand, simple as that

Grab Your Seat Here Now!

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Imaging learning how to shift gears and break the barriers of Wall Street. Wednesday you will learn how my great friend did just this.
Amed has been in the real estate business for more than 17 years, and works as a consultant to the real estate industry, specializing in nonperforming notes. He is an internationally recognized podcast personality and educator, and the author and creator of Note Buying Cash Machine, an online training platform for investors to learn the ins and outs of the non-performing note business.

He is NOT a Guru
He is NOT full of Fluff
He is NOT flying in on a lear jet...

He is a local home boy from Baltimore, Maryland doing exactly what you and I do as investors.... Creating REAL Wealth ~ REAL Freedom ~ REAL Independence!

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He is going to share AND you will leave knowing:

How You Can Buy and Flip Notes to Get Money, Houses, or "ANYTHING" You Want...

How to Find the โ€œShadow Inventoryโ€

How To Buy Non-Performing (Defaulted) Real Estate Notes For Pennies on the Dollar

What Happened To All of the REO and Short Sales

How To Turn $100 in Your Roth IRA into $100,000 or More Tax Free

How to get started in just days

Why flipping notes is easier and less time consuming than flipping properties

How to make huge profit paydays on commercial notes

The FIVE ways to get started today!

Youโ€™ll be shocked how easy this is - and how many super successful investors are secretly using this unbelievably powerful strategy.

And much more...

If youโ€™re totally serious about profiting in real estate and building a portfolio like the super elite, you need to go here now and RSVP for this event, space is going to be gone fast...

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Main Monthly Events are 100% FREE

Hampton Inn - Alexandria 5821 Richmond Highway, Alexandria, VA

Doors Open 6 pm

Speed Networking 6:15 - 7 pm

Presentation 7 - 9 pm

Night Owls Networking 9:00 pm - ???


Cheers to You and Your Extra-Ordinary NOTE Success...

- Tammy and team ccREIA