Capital City REIA

Legal Documents


Legal Documents

Assignment Agreement
Most Commonly Used Agreement When Wholesaling Your Ratified Contract

Non Disclosure - Confidentiality Agreement
When Having a Signed Agreement of Confidential Business and/or Property Information is Needed

Liability - Hold Harmless Agreement
A Very Important "CYA" Document When Anyone is Providing Services (labor) for Your Company

Non Circumvent-Non Disclosure-Confidentiality Agreement
Another "CYA" Document That Simply Provides An Alternative Option As to Which Confidentiality Agreement You & Legal Counsel Prefer to Use

Option Agreement for Mobile Home Purchase
A Lease Option or Rent-To-Own Requires an "OPTION AGREEMENT"  (This can be edited & personalized for your specific situation.)

Power of Attorney
A Durable "POA" for Real Estate and Finance

Purchase and Sales Agreement
A Simple-Straight-Forward-Easy-To-Use Purchase and Sales Agreement