Last Night’s Event Was Amazing!!!

NETWORKINGIt was so great to see everyone at the Capital City REIA event last night. Speed Networking was a BLAST and I so enjoyed hearing Shane speak on ways to “trade” investment houses and learn about his strategy. Incase you missed last night’s event, here are the TOP 5 Highlights!

1. Always work with a partner when it comes to investing.

2. Evaluate the community first, not the cash flow.

3. Wealth is not what you earn, it is what you keep.

4. Structure the deal so that the asset supports itself.shAEN AND TAMMY 2015

5. Have a plan: Shane buys 12 houses a year; 4 he sells and 8 houses he leases.

Join us tonight for a BONUS Nite and experience Shane’s rehab property “LIVE”, trust me, you don’t want to miss it! See you at 6pm at 5625 Westgate Rd. Lanham, MD.

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