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How to Estimate Repairs~Analyze Deals & Flip for Ma$$ive Profits!
Wednesday Sept. 23, 2015  6:01 – 9:07 PM  (DOORS OPEN & REGISTRATION)
DC Area’s BEST Investor Networking 6:03-7:14 PM
General Meeting 7:16 – 9:07 PM

Hampton Inn – Alexandria, VA
5821 Richmond Hwy     Alexandria, VA
   I get asked ALL the time what the #1 secret is to being or becoming a successful real estate investor. Honestly, there are no secrets. It’s actually very simple yet so many want to make it complicated. It’s ALL about:          $$$ CASH FLOW $$$
Join Capital City REIA next Wednesday as we host an exclusive evening for ALL investors who are interested in generating MORE in monthly cash flow.

I am not talking about a few extra bucks here – I am talking about a river of income that shows up consistently every single month in your bank account.

 The Best Part this is FREE for Capital City REIA Members…ALWAYS!

If you are thinking about getting your feet wet as a real estate investor you’ll want to join us…If you already have a few deals under your belt you’ll want to join us and if you are a seasoned professional with years of experience you’ll want to join us because our special guests are going to open the flood gates on
HOW to Increase Your Monthly Cash Flow By 25-40%
Receive Guaranteed “Mailbox Money” By the 5th of Every Month       Generate Consistent Monthly CASH FLOW While You Sleep, Work & Play

Until then…                                                                                                  Here’s to Your Extreme Cash Flow Success! 

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The BEST Rehabbing Event of the YEAR!

Golden_star_with_red_borderAre you interested in Rehabbing? Not sure how to start Rehabbing? If you are ready to dive right in and invest, than Wednesday is a must attend event!
Learn How To:
  • Hone your Skills on Estimating Repairs!

Experience the entire process of estimating repairs in detail, drawing from our extensive knowledge. 

  • Establish Your Buying Criteria                                                                                                                 

We will help you create your buying criteria so you know which properties to buy

  • To Look for and How to Evaluate Properties                                                              

We will show you EXACTLY what to look during a walk thru ~ When to bring in professionals to help you identify problems

  • Evaluate the Details when Walking through a Property                                                                      

Know what to look at first, second, and third. Plus what items to check that might kill the deal.

  • Estimate the Costs of the Most Common Repair Items                                                                     

We will go over specific numbers for each of the major repair items you will encounter.

  • Put Together a Killer Scope of Work                                                                                        

This alone is GUARANTEED to add profit to your bottom line

  • Follow The Rehabbing Process Step by Step                                                                                       

How to plan the rehab in the most efficient way possible. What to fix 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

  • Do the Layout and Design

Learn when and how to make layout changes, add additions and maximize spaces

  • Know What to Fix / What NOT to Fix                                                                                                       

No need to rebuild a house when rehabbing it. Learn what to fix and what to leave alone.

  • Understand: The Complex Permitting Process                                                                                       

Learn how the permit process works with inspectors, engineers, architects, and other professionals.


This event is going to be AMAZING!!!

Until then Investors and Rehabbers…. I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday Sept 23rd!

Hampton Inn – Alexandria, VA
5821 Richmond Hwy Alexandria
6-9:30 PM

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A Rehabbing Experience

multi unitI just received this email from a fellow “rehabber” and great friend and thought I’d share it with you especially since I’ve been getting lots of calls, emails and texts about these very things….
“I can remember my very first rehab (back in 2009) like it was yesterday.  I was very excited to rehab a house in the city and “improve the neighborhood”.  I lovingly picked out the coolest finishes, making the house as nice as I possibly could.  I eagerly went to the project every day for months to check on progress, anxiously awaiting the day when it finally could be sold for a huge profit! (In fact I can remember the neighbors exclaiming “Hey! There’s that guy again!” LOL I was a regular!)

When the day finally came and I was sitting at the settlement table looking at the numbers, my excitement turned to despair as I realized that I had lost money..not just a little bit of money..a ton of money.

What did I do wrong?

Did I pay too much for the property?  -No, I got a great deal on the shell.

Did I sell for too little?  -No, I got full market price.

Then  I went back and looked at my expenses…..

I had paid too much…for just about everything. 

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4 Property Rehabbing Tips

rehabRehabbing houses is an exciting and necessary part of Real Estate Investing. Sometimes, rehabbing can be the most difficult part of the flipping process. For a new investor though this can be intimidating.  There are so many pieces to remember and so many variables that differ from house to house. Sometimes the rehab can start to take its toll, and you lose track of the whole purpose.

Take a step back, a deep breath and read these 4 helpful hints for rehabbing a property.

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