How Private Lending Works for Investors

 What do private-money lenders like to see from investors who are seeking financing? We look for investors who have a well-thought-out plan that they can execute. That includes having comps that make sense, a good idea of a property’s repair costs and a team of contractors ready to go to work.  You also should understand the market you are investing …

Notes Buying with Amed Hazel

“Bankers make the rules! All of them… ALL of Them… ALL OF THEM” — Amed Hazel On October 26th we had Amed Hazel speaking to ccREIA members about Notes Buying and we just wanted to share some valuable points that I thought would benefit anybody who is serious about their financial future. When the markets tank, property values tank. NOTES …

The Top 10 Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make at Networking Events

Here is a great post about mistakes that investors make at networking events by Matt Faircloth. Matt founded The DeRosa Group along with his wife, Elizabeth. They have grown their company to a 12 person team owning and managing over five million dollars in residential and commercial assets throughout the central NJ and Philadelphia area.


The Rehabber Pro Advanced Workshop and Bus Tour this weekend is CANCELLED. The event is rescheduled for Sept/Oct. We will keep you updated on exact dates, in the meantime, Save-the-Date for the Fall.


Join us this evening and tomorrow evening from 6-9:30 PM for a: VERY-SPECIAL-GUARANTEED-TO-CHANGE-YOUR-LIFE-INTENSE-2 EVENING-WORKSHOP-THAT WILL LEAVE-YOUR-HEAD SPINNING-AND BEGGING FOR MORE! WORD(s) OF CAUTION: Tonights event is ONLY for the SERIOUS  & COMMITTED real estate investors who desire MORE in Their LIFE and who are WILLING to Work HARD to HAVE IT ALL!!!

Renovations That Pay Off

If you’re planning on selling your home, making a few basic home improvements may make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Here are 5 Renovations That Offer the Biggest Returns:  


Welcome to the new Capital City REIA website, isn’t it amazing?! This website has been in the making for the past 10 months. Tammy really wanted to create a platform where all valued members can connect, grow and create wealth.

“My Journey of Appreciation”

I dedicate this journey of appreciation first and foremost to my husband Jim, my BFF!  Thank you for your unconditional love, your constant support and for always being my #1 raving fan! I also want to acknowledge each and every one of you as your presence in my life is a very special gift. Your friendship and support is what …