“My Journey of Appreciation”


I dedicate this journey of appreciation first and foremost to my husband Jim, my BFF!  Thank you for your unconditional love, your constant support and for always being my #1 raving fan! I also want to acknowledge each and every one of you as your presence in my life is a very special gift. Your friendship and support is what I cherish AND so it is because of you that this journey began. I thank you and I appreciate you!

As I stood at the hotel conference room doors last Wednesday evening I was excited, eager and honestly nervous. I waited impatiently for the first person to arrive even though our REIA events have always been held at the Hampton Inn of Alexandria on the 3rd Wednesday monthly. This time it was very different because it was a celebration of our transition from District REIA to Capital City REIA. It was a real life, real world journey from  the old into the new, brand new to be exact. The highly anticipated and talked about Capital City REIA was about to open its doors and all of a sudden as I stood there I was completely overcome with “What If” paralysis. You know that moment when your stomach knots up, you feel the sweat bead up on your brow, when the emotion wells up, fear sets in and you begin to second guess yourself? As I peered into the large, silent, empty conference room sitting still with rows and rows of neatly placed chairs, two loud internal voices started firing away, “It’s going to be an awesome evening Tammy!” “What if no one shows up?” “Your events are always fun and people will attend!” “BUT…BUT…BUT…What If?”

Finally after what seemed like a very long time my attention was redirected to a familiar face coming towards me. Whew! For the next 30 minutes I was greeted with smiles, winks, high-fives and my all-time favorite, a hug. Almost everyone knows I prefer a hug over a handshake and if you didn’t know this, now you do. Before I knew it as the saying goes, “It was time to get the show on the road.” As I peeked into the conference room it was now alive and had transformed. As I started walking to the front of the room this powerful yet calming inner voice starts speaking to me. I’ve learned so I paused to listen. “Ok, I thought, you’ve got my attention, now what?” The voice whispered to me, “If you build it Tammy… they will come!” My field of dreams was now a reality.

As I stood at the front of the room connecting with each of you and taking it all in, I was completely in awe and overcome with appreciation as there you were before my very eyes, energetic, smiling and most importantly, excited to be there. You were there to be a part of the new Capital City REIA.

As I sit here thinking about the magic of that night and the week that has followed I just wanted to share it with you because it is MORE than I could have ever dreamed possible. All week long you have been sharing with me via email, phone calls, text messages, Facebook posts and tweets about the fun you had, how much you learned from our guest presenter, the connections you made, the deals you are working on and the excitement you look forward to as members of the new Capital City REIA. Just wait, hold on tight and buckle your seat belt because the BEST is yet to come!

As we wind down the 4th quarter of 2013 there will be so many amazing events, meetings, mastermind groups and networking opportunities for us to enjoy together as a community. The 2014 calendar is being created intentionally with an impressive line-up of never before heard real estate education that will empower and energize you. I know I’ll be there and I truly hope you will join me on this most amazing journey.

In closing will you do me a favor right now? It’ll only take 17 seconds.

Sit back… Close your eyes… Give yourself a hug… from me to you because I thank you for being there last Wednesday evening and I thank you for being in my life!

The magic and the joy of the brand new Capital City REIA has been, is and will be an unbelievable journey that I look forward to sharing with you.

With much appreciation…


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