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Capital City REIA (CCREIA) is a real estate investment association like no other, because we’re all about YOU!

Capital City Real Estate Investors

We’re dedicated to the personal growth and business development of each member. We’re committed to providing cutting-edge industry education and state-of-the-art technology. We offer practical, real-world education and hands-on events that prepare you for today’s real estate market.

All different experience levels are represented—from brand-new to seasoned investors. Sharing knowledge, experience and ideas is welcomed at CCREIA, because we believe collaboration is the key to success. That’s why our Mission, Vision, and Code of Conduct encourage member participation and contribution.

CCREIA members are residential and commercial real estate entrepreneurs in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. We believe in giving back to these communities, and one way we do this is through our CCREIA Cares program.

We’ll energize, educate and empower you so you can create the life and investment business you’ve always dreamed of! So, what are you waiting for?


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About Tammy Phelps, Owner and Founder

Tammy PhelpsCapital City REIA was founded in 2008 by Tammy Phelps who is a passionately dedicated real estate entrepreneur whose vision in life is to leave this world a better place than she found it.

Tammy shares her personal life and real estate experiences to motivate and inspire others. Her story is simply amazing. As a single mom of two she survived a life threatening trauma accident, lost everything and now is blessed to have the best life ever with her husband and best friend, Jim.

Today, her greatest joy is seeing and knowing her children are happily married and living extraordinary lives serving our country in the U.S. Army. Tammy & Jim are committed to serving the needs & lives of of others. “My legacy of helping others realize their dream of creating real wealth and achieving true financial independence & freedom is the Ultimate Gift in Life.”

Experience to Help You Succeed

Tammy has an extensive background in both residential and commercial real estate. Her expertise is in the acquisition, negotiations, due diligence, reposition and stabilization of underperforming multi-unit properties.

Tammy and Jim have been investing in real estate since 1992. Today they own and manage multi- unit communities in several states. In just the past 7 years, the couple has acquired over 450 multi-units and has rehabbed more than 200 of them. Tammy and Jim are very involved in the day to day management of their communities and businesses. Because of their teams, effective leadership and having systems in place Tammy and Jim know what it takes to succeed as successful investors. On any given day you can find them simultaneously managing the rehab work on properties in multiple states. If you desire similar results, are in the process of acquiring your first deal, you already own property and you desire more… then ccREIA is the place to be!

A Different Kind of Leader

Tammy founded CCREIA because she could not find a community that focused on the personal growth and business development of the real estate investor. As an investor seeking REIA’s to attend many years ago she realized that there was a lot of missing pieces and a lot of sales pitching goin on. She knew if she didn’t feel supported than others probably didn’t either.

“I’ll never forget how it felt to attend those events where the leader was too busy or unapproachable.” I left those events deflated and unsupported. All I wanted was to be a part of a connected community that cared about me and my success as an investor – not just about how much I was spending at the back of the room.

That’s why you’ll see her networking the room or giving hugs at the registration table or providing support to her team or speaking at the front of the room. She is very involved at all the ccREIA events. Tammy truly cares about people and is there to help and support you. Your success is her success!

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