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Capital City Real Estate Investors Association (CCREIA) serves the tri-state area of Washington, DC, Baltimore, and northern Virginia. Our members support each other, learn from each other’s challenges, and celebrate success together.

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A key to successful real estate marketing is often reaching consumers during their decision-making process and influencing those decisions by offering something valuable, whether it’s a discount or a solution. Be there at the right time with the same message and you'll get the deal. AKA send out lots of marketing!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Q1. Can buyers take advantage of the D.C. Open Doors program with a co-signer?
A1. You absolutely can by using the D.C. Open Doors’ FHA program. A credit score of 640 is required for all applicants. You can also purchase a multi-unit property with the D.C. Open Doors’ FHA product
Q2. Are buyers not allowed to sell or refinance for 5 years, if I use D.C. Open Doors?
A2. No. They simply would have to pay back the remaining portion of the second loan that they still owe, if they do so before five years is over.
Q3. What’s the minimum down payment a buyer can do in D.C.?
A3. Assuming a sales price of $429,896 or less, they can do zero down.

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The court filing Monday argues that Trump's development company for the hotel was more than eight months late in filing the court challenge to the 2015 assessments, can't sue over the $1.7 million bill for 2016 because half of it is still unpaid, and can't challenge its 2017 assessments in court until those bills are paid and the city's review process is completed.

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